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Philip Kavvadias: Mentor

Updated: Feb 28

Philip Kavvadias is one of the mentors for the 2021 WriteMentor Summer Programme. Here he gives us some insight into his writing style, his taste in fiction, and what you can expect from him as a mentor.

About Philip

I write fast-paced, funny adventures for 10-12 year olds. Represented by Amber Caravéo of Skylark Literary Agency, my first book is currently out on submission. Meanwhile, I’m working on a brand new series. And, to pass the time (it can be a long wait), I try the odd short story competition.

Editing help

We will work together on story structure so that it hits all the right beats at the right time. We will explore your protagonist’s character, their wants and innermost needs. And then we will track their arc, their transformation, through an amazing story. We will also work on making everything crisp and clear, and strengthening sentences and paragraphs to deliver a bigger impact.

Editing style

I’m hands-on, love to exchange ideas on Zoom or over the phone, continuously available for a chat, and love discussing things before writing a report. I think it takes time to build a writer-editor relationship but, once it’s established, it can produce wonders.

Favourite authors

Eoin Colfer, Jacqueline Wilson, Terry Pratchett, John Le Carre, Samuel Beckett.

Follow Philip on Twitter here. Full details of the WriteMentor Summer Programme are available on the WriteMentor website. Applications are open 15 - 16 April 2021.

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